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As per the statistics from The Star Newspaper, only 2 million people, or about 28% of the total 7 million working adults in Malaysia, have a will. Compared to the United States and the UK, where 40% and 41% of the adult population have a will. In Australia, the number is even greater, where 55% of the adult population have a will. 


According to Financial Planning Association of Malaysia (FPAM) chief executive officer Linnet Lee, among the reasons people gave for not writing a will are lack of awareness or procrastination. Another frequent reason found is that the customers don’t know who to trust.

Protect your family and secure better future for them with will, talk to our professional team and we can assist you on your planning.

Case Study

We had a customer, Mr Andy who was the sole breadwinner of the family. When he passed on, he left behind 5 properties and RM 3 million in cash under his name. Luckily he engaged a will & trust service with us at SkyCap, we then act on his behalf to quickly transfer the properties and cash to his wife, according to his will instruction. His wife, a mother of 3, was so grateful to us. She wrote an appreciation note to us: “Thank you! If it’s not because of you, who persisted in persuading my late husband to invest in the will & trust service 5 years ago, I don’t know what to do now. I still have a family to feed, as I am not working now.”


These kind of cases happened a lot in Malaysia, due to lack of knowledge and ignorance of the people. According to The Star newspaper, since Malaysia’s Independence Day, a whopping RM60 billions of deceased assets were left unclaimed by their heirs. On 28 November 2020, an article came out in The Star newspaper citing that government can use unclaimed monies after 9 years period. Shocking news isn’t it? Do you want your money to be left unclaimed at government’s hands while your family is suffering financially?

Estates worth RM60bil left unclaimed

source: The Star newspaper

‘Govt can use unclaimed monies’

source: The Star newspaper

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Mr S.K Lee


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